RTV-Silicone coating Benefits

RTV-Silicone coating Benefits include Excellent self-cleaning characteristics, Long-term hydrophobicity, Facilitated cleaning, mechanical strength of porcelain and pollution performance of silicone rubber, etc.

RTV-Silicone coating

RTV-Silicone coating Benefits:
Excellent self cleaning characteristics and long-term resistance to weathering and difficult environments
Long-term hydrophobicity due to the migration of low molecular weight (LMW) siloxanes into the pollution layer
Suppression of leakage current, discharges and pollution flashover
Long-term RTV stability makes repeated application of grease unnecessary.
Reduced maintenance expenditure, as in washing, compared to conventional insulator surfaces.
Facilitated cleaning in case of extreme pollution deposition (e.g. cement); even most difficult pollutants can be wiped off with a cloth.
RTV coated surfaces withstand high pressure jet washing up to 90 bar (normal application, 25cm distance).
The best of both worlds, mechanical strength of porcelain and pollution performance of silicone rubber
Non toxic and environmentally friendly material
Transmission reliability as well as environmental and resource conservation by efficiently utilizing generated power.

RTV-Silicone coating Benefits show the hydrophobicity and other properties of RTV-Silicone coating. Orient Power is an insulator manufacturer in China, and more details about RTV-Silicone coating please contact us.

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