Railway catenary insulator

Railway catenary insulator, world class range of 25kV composite insulators for Railways in 9 tonne, Stay arm hook & Bracket tube configurations.

Railway catenary insulator

The use of Polymeric/Silicone Rubber base insulators have several advantages over the conventional ceramic insulators have:
light weight, unbreakable
hydrophobic, resistant to ozone & UV
resistant to earth quake shocks , self cleaning properties & resistant to vandalism

The metal end fittings are crimped on microprocessor controlled automatic hydraulic crimping machines. The creepage distance offered is 1050 mm i.e. 20 mm/kV suitable for medium polluted areas.

The core is the insulating part of the composite insulator and is made up of fiber glass rod and is designed to ensure the necessary mechanical characteristics. The FRP rod used in the manufacturing of Silicone rubber insulators is one of core material which is manufactured by protrusion process using boron free ECR grade glass fiber having required mechanical & electrical characteristics.

Railway catenary insulator, the end fittings which are intended to connect to a supporting structure or to a conductor.


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