Railway insulators features

Railway insulators product features will be introduced through assembling, hardware, and tolerances. Railway insulator can deliver metallic hardware after agreement with the railway utility when applicable.

Railway insulators

Railway insulators features:

ORIENT Insulators uses three kinds of assemblies for fittings mated to the porcelain:
> Lead antimony alloy from -50°C to 150°C
> Sulfur cement from -50°C to 80°C
> Portland Cement base from -30°C to 105°C

The environmental conditions and the use of insulators dictates the choice of assembly. Temperature, specific mechanical strength, and other parameters must be considered to make the right choice for the best performance of the insulators.

Hardware (when applicable):
ORIENT Insulators can deliver metallic hardware after agreement with the railway utility.

General tolerances:
± (0.04 d + 1.5) mm when d< 300
± (0.025 d + 6) mm when d> 300
Specific tolerances (When applicable)
Angular deviation of fixing holes According to IEC 60273
Parallelism of end faces According to IEC 60273
Eccentricity According to IEC 60273
Axial, Radial, Angular displacements According to IEC 6038

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