Railway insulators

Railway insulators or railroad insulators are an insulator mainly used for railway and urban light rail transit construction. Railway insulators can effectively prevent damage of railway power supply circuit.

According to the material, railway insulator can be classified as two types, Porcelain railway insulators and Composite railway insulators.

Porcelain railway insulators     Composite railway insulators

Composite railway insulators have many advantages. Composite railway insulators are made up of composite materials, structural stability, not easy ageing. Composite railway insulators have a good mechanical properties, it is not easy to damage. Composite railway insulators have good contamination resistance, is three times with the level of the porcelain insulator.

However, porcelain railway insulators, porcelain railway insulators cost is relatively low, used for many years also won't aging, can save a lot of cost.
The mechanical bending strength of railway insulators is 20KN to 200KN.

Railway insulators can give storage, transportation, installation, maintenance, bring convenient. Railway insulators are one of the important equipment of railway power supply system, widely used all over the world railway line, laid a solid foundation of railway unblocked.

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