Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is the Energy development trend, and solar energy is the most common Renewable Energy. Introduction to Photovoltaic Panel (Solar module), Making a Photovoltaic Panel.

Introduction to Photovoltaic Panel (Solar module) for Renewable Energy:
Solar cell is a device that receives and uses the energy in sunlight to help pushing its inner electrons through the circuit. The movement of the inner electrons here is then called the electricity generating. These free electrons move in one-direction, so it is defined as “Direct Current”.

Making a Photovoltaic Panel for Renewable Energy:
Purified the semiconductor compound (mostly Silicon)
Cool and slice the substance into wafer
Dope the wafer with other compounds to make electrical poles
Assemble the wafers into Panel

Layers of the module are different between manufacturer, depending on cost structure and technology but mainly a Photovoltaic module consists of:
Cover glass: tempered glass helps protecting the module
Anti-reflecting coating: the coating helps catching the sunlight as much as possible
Doped wafers to act as electrical poles (positive and negative pole)
Front and back contact grid: the grids lets electron runs a complete circuit

Solar power is Renewable Energy, and the information shown in this article introduces the utilization and the technology. PV power plant can use this way to supply power by using the technology.

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