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Services, facilities, and production are the core factors affecting the quality of ceramic insulators. The standard materials used, works facilities, manufacturing, shipping and packing, and other details are as follows.

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Services and facilities:
Orient transformer operates an integrated manufacturing facility that produces finished products from raw materials. The ability to control all aspects of manufacture makes us extremely flexible in our ability to meet tight deadlines and produce cost effective specials or short runs. We have CNC Lathes, Vertical Machining centers and numerous pieces of secondary equipment (drills, mills, etc.)

Continuously working with different materials means flexibility. We are very accustomed to working with all alloys.
Standard materials used include:
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
St 37, A2-70

Works facilities include:
For manufacturing
CNC Turning
CNC Milling
CNC Machining centers
Aluminium Injection
Plastic Injection
CNC Laser Cutting
CNC Press Brake for bending
Welding services
Gasket cutting
Shot blasting
Spray painting
Gold or black zinc plating
Testing and Inspection
Pressure testing to 2.5bar
Vibration machine
Non-ferrous foundry
Machine shops

Production & Manufacturing:
Orient Transformer accessories equipment manufactures from our standard drawings or customers drawings and specifications. We can develop, design and manufacture specialty parts, assemblies and equipment according to customer requirements.

Orient Transformer accessories an equipment offers the reliability and cost efficiency of automatic CNC machining for small and big production runs and to achieve closer tolerances. We hope to get contact with all transformer manufacturers. If you have special component requirement please send us your technical drawings and learn prices a.s.a.p.

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