Shackle type insulators, Stay type insulators

Shackle type insulators, similar to strain type insulators, are used on sharp curves, end poles and in section poles. Stay type insulators often used for fixed telegraph poles.

Shackle type insulators  Stay type insulators

However, unlike strain insulators, shackle insulators are designed to support lower voltages. These insulators are single, round porcelain parts that are mounted horizontally or vertically. In early days, the shackle insulators were used as strain insulators.

But now, they are frequently used for low voltage distribution lines. Such insulators can be used either in a horizontal position or in a vertical position. They can be directly fixed to the pole with a bolt or to the cross arm.

Stay insulators, also called egg insulators, are primarily used to prevent stay wires from becoming energized from accidentally broken live wires. They, therefore, function to provide insulation between stay clamps and transmission poles. Stay insulators are mounted at a height of at least 3 meters (118 inches) from ground level.

Stay insulators are important part in power system.

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