Silicon Rubber Suspension Insulator

24kV-120kN Composite Silicon Rubber Long Rod Suspension Insulator is the common Silicon Rubber Suspension Insulator as per the following guaranteed technical particulars, Dimensions, and Applicable Standard.

Silicon Rubber Suspension Insulator guaranteed technical particulars:

Surface Treatment
Socket fitting
Security clip
Stainless Steel
Core Rod
Polymer Housing Fitting
Silicon Rubber
Ball fitting
Forged Steel

Silicon Rubber Suspension Insulator Dimensions:
Minimum creepage distance mm 900
Arcing distance (approx.) mm 315
200mm sheds nos 1
164mm sheds nos 2
130mm sheds nos 2

Silicon Rubber Suspension Insulator Mechanical Characteristic:
Specified mechanical load kN 11
Routine test load kN 60
Coupling designation IEC:60120/IS:2486 mm 16A

Silicon Rubber Suspension Insulator Electrical Characteristics:
Nominal system voltage kV 20
Highest system voltage kV 24
System frequency hz 50
Wet 1 minute power frequency withstand voltage kV (rms.) 50
Dry lightening impulse withstand kVp 145
Visible discharge test voltage kV(rms) 18

Silicon Rubber Suspension Insulator Applicable Standard:
Insulator: IEC 61109-2008
Galvanization: IS 2633-1986

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