Silicon rubber insulator manufacturers

As one of leader Silicon rubber insulator manufacturers in China, we mainly produce all types silicon rubber insulator, such as composite suspension insulator, pin type insulator, line post insulator and so on.

Silicon rubber insulator              Silicon rubber suspension insulator

As a reputed silicon rubber insulator manufacturer, designing the rod housing of silicone rubber suspension insulator has some requirements as follow:
◆ For protection against environmental influences, UV rays, external pollution and humidity, the rod must be surrounded with housing.
◆ The housing for silicone rubber suspension insulator must be made of silicone rubber with a rated thickness of at least 3 mm.
◆ The GRP rod and the housing must obtain a permanent chemical binding. The rod housing must comply with the following minimum requirements:
- High voltage tracking resistance
- High voltage arc resistance
- High voltage diffusion puncturing strength
◆ Furthermore, the rod housing must comply with the flammability classes V0 and HB40 according to IEC 60695-11-10.

Silicon rubber suspension insulators (also referred to as nonceramic, polymer or silicon rubber insulators) are used worldwide in overhead transmission line applications with line voltages in the range of 10 kV to 1000kV, which is manufactured by one of China silicon rubber manufacturers.

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