Silicone long rod insulator/insulators

Silicone long rod insulator/insulators also called line composite insulators, their voltage range and structure make them be the irreplaceable important parts of high voltage power system.

Silicone long rod insulator/insulators              Silicone long rod insulator/insulators

Silicone long rod insulator/insulators voltage range:
AC 35kV-1000kV, DC ± 400kV-± 800kV

Silicone long rod insulator/insulators structure:
Silicone long rod insulator/insulators consist of mandrel, umbrella cover, end attachments, grading ring and other components. Using the craft for crosswise, mandrel is made by high temperature epoxy resin and high-strength acid-resistant glass fiber yarn with excellent mechanical and electrical performance. The umbrella cover using hydrophobic, insulation resistance, excellent aging resistance high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (HTV) and adopting overall injection molding. Ensure that no bubbles within the umbrella cover and the reliability of interfacial adhesion of two types of insulation material. End fittings are processed by high strength alloy steel machine to guarantee mechanical performance. Grading ring made of high strength aluminum alloy, with reliable design in outside diameter, pipe diameter and shielding depth, which can control insulator end field intensity within 3 to 5 kV / cm. Adopting stainless steel bolt and double fastening nut, which has a good effect on anti-rust, anti-loose.

Orient Power is the exclusive sales company for various types of high-voltage insulators in the United States. We are one of the few companies who can offer both porcelain and polymer products. All of the Silicone long rod insulator/insulators that we offer to our customers are produced by Orient’s global production network of ISO 9001-certified factories, including U.S., Indonesia, China and Japan.

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