Silicone rubber history

Silicone rubber history: PFISTERER SEFAG is located in Malters, Switzerland, and has been serving the field of composite insulators for various electrical applications for more than thirty years throughout all over the world.


PFISTERER SEFAG has used only Silicone Rubber compounds as the material for the composite insulator housing. The extensive experience in this field has PFISTERER SEFAG positioned as market leader in the adaptation and use of composite insulations in order to replace the glass or porcelain technologies. This has been achieved through innovations in the Silicone Rubber process technology and as a result of laboratory and service approvals of several Silicone Rubber formulations.

The Silicone Rubber technology for composite insulators was introduced as a logical addition to complete PFISTERER SEFAG’s products and components that had been manufactured for distribution and transmission installations for fifty years in Switzerland and as part of the German PFISTERER GROUP since 1921.

Since the introduction of PFISTERER SEFAG’s composite insulators in 1975, which are branded as SILCOSIL©, they have been used in a wide range of composite insulator applications at both distribution and transmission voltages. Beside the “classical” suspension and tension application of line insulators, the PFISTERER SEFAG’s service experience includes line posts, braced line posts, station posts, hollow cores and a railway insulator programme.


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