Silicone rubber insulator manufacturer

Orient Power is a silicone rubber insulator manufacturer of Hi-Voltage insulators and additional new products, molded electrical components used for Distribution and Transmission systems in China.

Silicone rubber insulator manufacturer ability:
Orient is a molder of silicone and EPDM rubber parts for over twenty years to companies such as Cooper Power Systems, G&W Electric, and Victor Insulators.

We have worked to develop its own propitiatory line of Transmission and Distribution products. The foundation of this new line of products is based on the purchase in the spring of 2006 the line of Victor Insulator Polymer Dead End Insulators. Orient had been the sole source supplier of these insulators to Victor Insulators since 1998. We have experience in the design and manufacture of Hi-Voltage Insulators and associated products used by the electric utility industry.

Silicone rubber insulator

Silicone rubber insulator manufacturer products:
Distribution Class Insulators 15KV thru 69KV, Transmission Class Insulators 69KV thru 230KV, Horizontal and Vertical Line Post Insulators, Pin Type Polymer Insulators, suspension insulator products, Tie Top Post Insulators, Station Post Insulators, Cut Outs, Switches and other high voltage insulators.

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