Silicone rubber suspension insulators

The corona performance, end fitting detail, and other information about silicone rubber suspension insulators are shown in this article, and more details are available.

Silicone rubber suspension insulator              Silicone rubber suspension insulator

Silicone rubber suspension insulators are RIV and corona free through 161 kV. The use of an external corona shielding ring is required at 220 / 230 kV and above, such as 220kv, 230kv, 330kv, 345kv, 400kv, and 500kv. The normal applications are top grounded and bottom energized. The electrical/dimensional changes to the suspension insulator with external corona ring.

Most common end fittings of silicone rubber suspension insulators: chain eye, Y-clevis, straight clevis, ball/socket, ANSI 52-6 clevis, IEC 16mm socket, ANSI 52-5 socket, ANSI 52-5 ball, ANSI 52-8 Ball, ANSI 52-8 Socket, IEC 20 mm Socket, ANSI 52-11 Socket, ANSI 52-11 Ball, IEC 20 mm Ball, Clevis IEC 19-L, eye, and IEC 16 mm Ball. The standard design is with the equal sheds, and the high leak design is with the alternative sheds.

The Silicone rubber suspension insulators Dimensions are within allowable tolerances as specified by IEC 61109 and ANSI C29.12. For voltages above 400 kV, other section lengths, or end fitting combinations, please contact Orient Power sales.

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