Silicone rubber tension insulator

Silicone rubber tension insulator set for the termination of single, twin or triple conductors in accordance with IEC or ANSI standards, and Silicone rubber tension insulators is one of a main kind composite suspension insulator, consisting of
One inner section connected to earth for the attachment to supports
One or two insulator strings with power arc protection devices
One outer live section with a tension clamp or clamps

Silicone rubber tension insulator

The distance between sub-conductors shall be 450mm up to including a conductor diameter of 32 mm and 600 mm for conductor diameter greater than 32mm. twin conductors shall arranged horizontally and triple conductors as an equilateral triangle with apex downwards.

Silicone rubber tension insulator end fittings:
The end fitting material for all Silicone rubber tension insulators shall be hot dipped galvanized forged steel or aluminum alloy.
The end fittings shall be compressed/crimped onto the fibreglass core.
The line end fittings shall be designed and manufactured to prevent the incidence of RIV and corona under the service conditions defined.
The zinc coating on hot dipped galvanized forged steel end fittings shall have a surface deposit density of not less than 600 g/m2.

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