Silicone suspension insulators
Silicone suspension insulators has aluminum end fittings, these new end fittings create a lightweight product that is easier to handle and provides a 15,000 pound ultimate tensile strength.
Silicone suspension insulators
Silicone Composite Insulators combine the technologies of fiberglass reinforced rod, metal fittings and our extensive knowledge of elastomeric insulation to produce a high quality composite insulator.
Unibody design insulators are one-piece injection molded directly to the rod and sealed to the end fittings with a bead of silicone to give the insulator high dielectric strength and protect it from all environmental conditions. This design is used for standard distribution dead end/suspension insulators.
The end fittings, Ball, socket, and eye fittings are also available. All are made of hot dipped galvanized high strength carbon steel and have an ultimate tensile strength rating of 15,000 pounds.
Silicone suspension insulators, fiberglass Rod: A high quality fiberglass reinforced rod is the core of every insulator with ultimate mechanical strength at least twice the maximum working load.



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