Stay wire insulator

Stay wire insulator, by fittings, Stubbs rods, umbrella group, and Stubbs is wedge-type tapered fit between the inner rod and gold with a fixed connection.

Stay wire insulator

The new structure effectively increases the size of the umbrella creepage distance, made of carbon steel and gold with a high tensile strength lead to pull rods made of fiberglass, making mechanical strength are guaranteed, the mandrel and fittings the inner wedge tensile structure connection value reaches 100KN, the outer layer increases the moisture resistant seal products.

Fitting with the screw holes on the direct, easy installation, fittings using carbon steel, then the outer ends opened a screw, with the screw on the outer top coat fittings and lead to pull the rod a sealing layer after binding.

Stay wire insulator, in between FRP mandrel rod outer body Stubbs different diameters umbrella body composition umbrella group, the umbrella body made of silicone rubber and with Stubbs rods combined into one.


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