Steel Deadend

Steel Deadend is a kind of arms. The features, material, notes, types and other details are shown in this article. Steel Deadend is pole line hardware, the dimensions and drawings are shown in the pictures.

Steel Deadend

Steel Deadend Features:
Orient steel crossarms are produced from structural steel tubing or angle for high strength deadend and tangent applications. Multiple bolt holes are included for a variety of conductor attachment points and to permit assembly of jumper pins and arrester / equipment mounting brackets. The arms are provided with a center mounting plate for attachement to the pole.

Steel Deadend Material: Steel; Hot Dip Galvanized

Steel Deadend Notes:
1) All holes are 11/16" dia. Unless otherwise noted
2) Strength ratings based on balanced load applications
3) Double dead-end hardware (eyelets on both sides of arm)
Types: 3 X 5 Angular Steel Dead End Crossarm; 3 x 5 Angular Steel Dead End Crossarm; 2 X 4 Tubular Steel Dead End Crossarm; 5 x 5 Tubular Steel Dead End Crossarm

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