Straight joint / insulated joint

Straight joint / insulated joint main parts are Coaxial cable, short insulating case, insulated waterproof glue, one-piece silicone rubber, copper connector and conductor of a cable and long insulating case.

Straight joint / insulated joint picture and drawing:

Straight joint / insulated joint

Straight joint / insulated joint details:
This is a single-piece slip-over joint. The main insulation of the joint is wholly prefabricated structure, integrating the insulating, high voltage screen and stress-relief cone.
The out shell of the joint is made of thick metal tube and the out layer is covered with insulated layer with high density, ensuring the high intensity mechanical protection, insulating and anticorrosion. It is equipped additionally with protective FRP (fibre-reinforce-platic ) box which is filled with water-resistance sealing material and suitable for burying with vertical and the location that may be water immersed.
The outer screen of main insulating is made of extruding technology .The main insulation is wholly prefabricated.
Installed by mechanical per-expanded technology at locale
The outer protection is made of insulating material shell
It has excellent mechanical protection, sealing property and against magnetization. Reasonable design, compact structure, install easily and running reliably.
Many patent and Reasonable design in it, install easily and running reliably
As earthing terminal with metallic shell previously connects with soft-annealed wire, its waterproofness comes better

Straight joint / insulated joint have many advantages and properties, and in addition to the details and picture/drawing above, the electrical performance, outer dimensions, specifications and other details about Straight joint / insulated joint also can be provided by Orient Power.

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