Strain insulators

Strain insulators are horizontally suspended suspension insulators. They are used to handle mechanical stresses and take the pressure off a conductor at the end of a transmission line.

Strain insulators   Strain insulators

When there is a dead end of the line or there is corner or sharp curve, the line is subjected to greater tension. In order to relieve the line of excessive tension, strain insulators are used. For low voltage lines (< 11 kV), shackle insulators are used as strain insulators.

However, for the high voltage transmission lines, strain insulator consists of an assembly of suspension insulators as shown in Figure. The discs of strain insulators are used in the vertical plane. When the tension in lines is exceedingly high, at long river spans, two or more strings are used in parallel.

Strain insulators are typically used for higher voltage transmissions. Strain insulators are usually used at a sharp corner or curve or over long river crossings. Strain insulators can guarantee the safe operation of the circuit.

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