Study on the AC flashover Performance of Porcelain Insulator under Different Fog and Haze Environment

 The flashover accidents of porcelain insulator caused by fog and haze will affect a large-scale power system for a relative long period, which seriously threats the safety operation of power grid and the regular order of social economy. 

The standard porcelain insulator is taken as the sample, and its flashover performance under different fog and haze conditions is studied by changing the fog and haze concentration, fog conductivity and haze composition. Also the leakage current of porcelain insulator is analyzed. Research results indicate that, fog and haze concentration effects porcelain insulator flashover performance, the higher the fog and haze concentration, the lower the flashover voltage and the higher the leakage current.
Fog conductivity also has effects on the flashover performance of porcelain insulator under fog and haze condition, and with the increase of fog conductivity, there is a decreasing trend in porcelain insulator flashover voltage in a small scale. The flashover voltage when the fog and haze composition is (NH4)2SO4 is lower than that when the composition is CaSO4. This research can provide some references for the outdoor porcelain insulator design and the selection of anti-pollution flashover measurements.
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