Substation Connectors, Overhead Switchgear

Substation Connectors and Overhead Switchgear are main parts of power system, and include Connectors, Supports, busbars, Spacers, Flexible connectors, Lids and anti-coronal rings, Bi-metallic connectors, etc.

Substation Connectors types:
Flexible connectors (dilatation)
Lids and anti-coronal rings
Bi-metallic connectors
Bolted and compression connectors available

Substation Connectors

Overhead Switchgear:
Orient manufactures a range of 11kV & 33kV disconnector switches in their UK factory
Manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC 60265-1, IEC 60694, IEC 62271, BS EN 60129 and ENATS 41-36 at the ISO 9001 approved UK factory.
Proven durable contact design through extensive UK experience
Minimal lifetime maintenance requirements

Overhead Switchgear

Overhead Switchgear

All products are available with traditional porcelain or silicon rubber insulators, voltages from 11kV to 36kV and ratings up to 630A.
Disconnectors fitted with plain break contacts, arcing horns or load break interrupter heads. Easily mounted both pole top or underslung to a variety of different support structures.

Disconnectors are available with either dependent or independent manual closing mechanisms for improved capability.
Lightweight portable model available for temporary isolation via hot glove installation

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