Support insulators for 800 kV DC disconnector

Support insulators for 800 kV DC disconnector can provide good mechanical and electrical properties, this article mainly introduces the mechanical requirements for these insulators.

Support insulators for 800 kV DC disconnector

Summary of mechanical requirements for Support insulators for 800 kV DC disconnector

To achieve a low deflection and to maintain a single column unit the largest available diameter had to be chosen using an optimized winding scheme. One insulator consists of 2 units , each about half of the total length. The top and bottom flange are made of gastight Al alloy castings. The lower flange 4 was designed using finite element calculations to withstand the high bending moment. Foam filling of the insulating tube has shown process limitations for diameters above 250 mm. It has been decided to use a mixture of SF6 and N2 as a filling medium. The filler gas is kept under pressure of only 0.1MPa during service. This allows monitoring the tightness of the insulators during service. To avoid any accumulation of water inside the tube due to water vapor transmission a special cassette, filled with desiccant was designed to provide sufficient absorption capacity for a service life of more than 40 years.

Since there is no existing standard it has been decided to test the mechanical properties in accordance with IEC 61462. The insulator passed all tests. The requirement for very low deflection in the tube design resulted in the true SML value being exceeded by more than 80%. The insulator broke at 46kN.

Except the mechanical strength, we can also produce Support insulators for 800 kV DC disconnector with the range 2kn, 4kn, 6kn, 8kn, 10kn, 12.5kn, 16kn and 20kn.


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