Suspension insulator CFO

Suspension insulator CFO is the Critical Flash Over of suspension insulator. In a power distribution system, the available insulation components include insulators, poles, cross-arms, standoffs, etc.

Suspension insulator

The insulation components used in a power distribution system are polymer and porcelain with and without fiberglass pole, which can exhibit different lightening impulse strengths. Furthermore, different lightening impulse strengths are also expected among different combinations of the insulation components. It is necessary for a design engineer to know the CFO voltages and BIL values of available insulation structures when designing a power distribution system. In this work, the CFO voltages of insulators and the CFO voltages of the combined insulation structures need to be evaluated at first in order to calculate the added CFO voltages in combined insulation structures.
Different types of suspension insulator were commonly used as the basic insulation component in a combined insulation structure. The suspension insulator CFO has been studied for a long time. It was found that the CFO voltages of the insulator depend on the insulator’s configuration because the configuration of insulator would affect the discharge path when flashover occurs.

The suspension insulator CFO voltages of different types of polymer and porcelain insulators are reported under dry and wet conditions and at positive and negative lightening impulses.

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