Suspension insulator high voltage

The suspension insulator high voltage is used to support conductors in high voltage transmission lines. The suspension insulators string used in transmission lines are obtained by joining several disc insulator units. According to the type of hardware fittings, usually two varieties of disc suspension insulators are used in HV transmission line. These are cap and pin type and ball and socket type. In the porcelain disc suspension insulator the somewhat umbrella like upper part called skirt is glazed and smoothened so that when it rains the dust and salt deposited on it are easily washed away. The contaminants cannot easily penetrate the glazed surface. When it rains the lower corrugated part does not wet and remains dry. This dry portion is the effective creepage length in wet condition.

composite Suspension insulator               porcelain Suspension insulator               

In the transmission line a string of suspension insulator high voltage are formed by fitting the pin of one disc to the cap of next disc. Simply by adding more numbers of discs in the string the disc suspension insulators string is used for higher voltage. Moreover when one disc is damaged only that particular disc is replaced not the whole string.

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