Suspension insulator packaging

Suspension insulator packaging is one main of steps for insulator manufacturing process, different size suspension insulator should use different packaging.

Suspension insulator packaging

All suspension insulators are packed in weathershed containers in order to secure the products during transportation (air, surface and railroad).

The types of Suspension insulator packaging
◆ Prefabricated packaing
◆ Closed wooden box
◆ Carte
◆ Crate with pallet

About Suspension insulator marking
Each box or container is marked with the number of insulators contained therein, the catalog number, description of the contents, the manufacturer’s name, and other customer requirements.

The major of suspension insulator manufacturing process
◆ Assembly
◆ Final inspection
◆ Packing and shipping

Suspension insulator packaging is an important part for customers, suitable packaging can protect the insulator complete for use.


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