Suspension insulators

Suspension insulators are set of string, there is no voltage rating. Suspension insulators used in the transmission lines all over the world, to provide security for the transmission line.

 Suspension insulators

The conductor is suspended at the bottom end of this string while the other end of the string is secured to the cross-arm of the tower. Each unit or disc is designed for low voltage, say 11 kV. The number of discs in series would obviously depend upon the working voltage. For instance, if the working voltage is 66 kV, then six discs in series will be provided on the string.

Suspension type transmission line insulators suspend and support high voltage transmission lines. They are cost effective for higher voltage transmission, typically replacing multiple pin type insulators. Suspension insulators have a number of interconnected porcelain discs, with each individual unit designed to support a particular voltage.

Together, a system of these discs is capable of effectively supporting high voltages. There are three types of suspension insulators: cemented cap suspension insulators; interlinking or Hewlett suspension insulators; and link or core suspension insulators.

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