Suspension porcelain insulators

Orient Suspension porcelain Insulators have been used successfully in more than 20 countries and in particular have a majority in EHV, UHV and HVDC transmission lines.

porcelain Suspension insulator                Suspension porcelain insulators

Suspension porcelain insulators properties:
1. Available for any voltage and contamination level by changing number of porcelain disc suspension insulator
2. Mechanical strength up to 530kN
3. High reliability through accumulated technology
4. Excellent long-term performance

Suspension porcelain insulators are designed to link together into strings, typically of two or more, to provide much higher voltage protection than any single insulator. Disc suspension insulators are identified using the Suspension Type numbering system recently developed. This system covers both glass and porcelain suspensions worldwide. Suspension porcelain insulators are typically used on high tension power transmission towers and electrical systems. Porcelain is by far the most commonly used insulating material but there are a number of glass styles as well. Porcelain suspension insulators revolutionized the power distribution industry allowing much higher voltage protection -- there are several 1,000,000V DC transmission lines utilizing suspension porcelain insulators.

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