Suspension type insulators overhead lines

Suspension type insulators overhead lines can be used on distribution lines, high voltage transmission lines, EHV, UHV, HVDC transmission lines.

Suspension type insulator overhead lines              Suspension insulator overhead lines

Suspension type insulators overhead lines features:
Transmission lines with higher system-voltage carry greater power flow. They serve the role of trunk feeder in the delivery of power. Instability in EHV and UHV line operation may cause great negative impact on the entire power system.
Ball & socket suspension insulator, completed with the spilt cotter key.
Suspension insulator is one of the very important product on transmission lines, suspension insulator charged with the important task of hanging wires and insulation of the tower.
Suspension insulators are used in AC power system from 11KV to 500KV in normal and polluted area, and the frequency does not exceed 100Hz.
It comprises 69kV, 110kV, 115kV, 132kV, 230kV & 380kV transmission lines and operates in a harsh environment; desert, marine & industrial pollution, high ambient temperatures & high humidity.

Orient Suspension type insulators overhead lines include composite suspension insulators, porcelain disc suspension insulator and glass suspension insulators. All types of suspension insulator, even insulators as per customers’ requirement, can be supplied by us at a reasonable price.

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