T & D Insulators details

T & D Insulators details include details about Hardware, Cementing, Hardware Coating, Glaze, etc. transmission and distribution insulators are line insulators and used for insulating and supporting wires.

T & D Insulators

T & D Insulators features:

Ball & socket coupling, clevis-eye coupling
Suspension insulators are available for ball & socket or clevis-eye coupling. Standard caps are constructed of hot-dip galvanized malleable iron. Cotter keys for locking ball & socket and clevis pin connections are stainless steel.

Caps, ball bolts and eyebolts are cemented on to the porcelain, loading the porcelain in a large area, low intensity compression grip. ORIENT Insulators utilizes a special Portland cement, particularly suited for use on porcelain insulator assemblies.

Hardware Coating:
Prior to cementing, all hardware surfaces in contact with cement are coated with a bituminous (asphalt) compound. The compound protects the hardware from chemical attack by the cement and provides thermal movement between parts to relieve mechanical stress created by thermal movement or cement growth.

Skyline gray glaze (ANSI – 70, Munsell 5BG 7.0/0.4) is supplied as standard on all ORIENT suspension insulators unless otherwise specified. Brown glaze is also available upon request; simply add the letter “B” at the end of the catalogue number.

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