Technical terms of power insulators

The E-glass, flashover, IEC, leakage distance, RCL, and RIV are the common technical terms of power insulators, and the following is their description.

power insulator              power insulator

Technical terms of power insulators:
E-Glass – Electrical grade fiberglass; the first glass used for high-voltage insulators.
Flashover – A disruptive discharge that is capable of breaking the insulation level provided by the air around the insulator, which creates an arc between parts of different potential or polarity.
IEC – The International Electrotechnical Commission develops and publishes international standards for all electrical technologies.
Leakage Distance – The distance between the conductive end fittings of the insulator across the insulator surface, moving in and out of the sheds; also commonly referred to as the creep or creepage distance.
RCL – Reference Cantilever Load is the maximum design cantilever load (MDCL), which is rated at 50 percent of the part’s SCL.
RIV – Radio-Interference Voltages are caused by electric currents that produce magnetic and electrostatic fields that are capable of inducing high-frequency voltage pulses in nearby radio antennas. The RIV of an insulator is measured under conditions specified by industry standards.

In addition to the technical terms of power insulators above, there are also some other common technical terms of electrical insulators, such as ANSI, Boron-free E-Glass, combined load charts, corona, and dry band arcing.

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