Tension insulator manufacturers

There are many tension insulator manufacturers in the world, especially in Europe, America, Oceania, Africa and Asia. The famous tension insulator manufacturers provide quality of products.

Tension insulator              Tension insulator

Famous tension insulator manufacturers in the world:
BC Hydro in Canada, Florida Power Corp., Kansas Power & Light and New York State Electric & Gas in USA, CELEC S.A in Ecuador, Columbia Power in Columbia, ESKOM in South Africa, KPLC and REA in Kenya, ZESCO in Zambia, TANESCO in Tanzania, TCN in Nigeria, PPC in Greece, MOSDORFER CCL in UK, Norwegian State Power Grid (Statnett) and Hafslund Netts in Norway, PC1 andPC2 in Vietnam, TNB and SESCO in Malaysia, REBin Bengal, JEPCO and NEPCO in Jordan, SEC in Saudi Arabia, and Fars REC in Iran.
TYCO, ABB, AREVA, ALSTOM, PLP, Victor, EB, NTP and Siemens

In the Middle East, Orient has taken a big share in the 132KV and higher composite insulators market. Our electric railway insulators have been exported to New Zealand, Finland, Norway, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, etc. Tension insulator manufacturers can supply tension insulator of porcelain and composite.

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