Tension polymer insulator

Tension polymer insulator has a margin of sub-zero value since the break characteristics. As long as the ground or in a helicopter observation can be, without registration sheet detection lever gradually reduce the labor intensity.

Tension polymer insulator

Tension polymer insulators are divided into:
Standard form
Stain resistance
HVDC model
Spherical model
Aerodynamic model
Ground line
Electronic railway connecting net plane

Tension polymer insulator has good arc-resistant brush and good resistance to vibration performance, occurs on the 500kv line wire repeatedly Lubing dancing disaster caused by galloping after composite suspension insulators has been tested and electromechanical properties without attenuation.

Tension polymer insulator Lord capacity, evenly distributed clusters voltage, dielectric constant glass of 7-8, the composite insulator having a uniform and large clusters of the main capacitor voltage distribution, so as to reduce radio interference, lower corona loss and prolong life purpose glass insulators.



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