Tension type insulators

Tension type insulators also called strain type insulators, and these type insulators can be in porcelain, glass, or silicone rubber material and used for overhead lines.

Tension type insulator              Tension type insulators

Tension type insulators features:
The features of porcelain tension type insulators Zinc Sleeve are as follows: Galvanically positive, Large potential difference from iron, Sacrificial electrode at cement boundary, Bonded area of sleeve: Min. 80% of sleeve/pin interfacial area to prevent corona discharges, Purity of zinc >- 99.8% to prevent granular corrosion
Composite Tension type insulator products are suitable for the middle and above contamination areas, particularly in the heavy contamination areas.

Tension type insulators shall be suitable for 50 Hz effectively earthed 10KV~1000KV Overhead transmission and distribution system in a moderately/heavily polluted atmosphere.

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