Composite suspension insulator,Testing of composite suspension insulators

Composite suspension insulator is a main kind of composite insulators, which can reduce the cost of materials compared with porcelain insulators. Testing of composite suspension insulators must be implemented.

Composite suspension insulator:
Composite suspension insulator is applied to power station facilities, and has features of good water repellence, anti-ageing, resistance to tracking and erosion. Orient Power composite suspension insulator has high tensile strength, bending strength, high shock resistance, good shock and brittle fracture prevention. And the type insulator own light weight to easily to install, and the installation dimensions of top and base are the same with those of porcelain post type, they can be exchanged to use each other.
The Orient railway products are suitable for electric-railway, which can effectively prevent flash accidents and decrease the times of clear and maintenance. Especially in the small railway tunnel, because of small volume, the products or porcelain, glass insulator cannot instead of it.

high voltage composite suspension insulator                    composite suspension insulator
high voltage composite suspension insulator          composite suspension insulator             

Testing of insulators composite suspension:
Orient Power do experiment the insulator before delivery on each batch. Testing of suspension insulators are not every insulator to be inspected, Orient Power usually adopts the way of sample test to decide the whether the insulator qualified or not. What the parts of the insulator can be inspected? We know the composite suspension insulator consists of FRP core, housing, silicone rubber shed and end fittings, all the parts of the insulator can be chosen to inspect.

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