The Advantages of Polymer Insulators over Porcelain Insulators

Polymer Insulators and Porcelain Insulators are the two most common types of insulator. They all have their own advantages. Here are the advantages of polymer insulators over porcelain insulators:


Ceramics, no hydrophobic, porcelain surface forms water film on the surface making easy path leading to more flash overs.
Polymer insulators, The Hydrophobicity properties of Silicon Rubber Provide excellent insulating behavior and Resists Wetting by forming Beads of water without the need of washing or greasing even in humid or polluted climates. Hence low failure rate combined with low overall operating and maintenance costs.
Porcelian insulators are susceptible to explosion & Breakages, due to high fragile properties , stone throwing etc.
Composite Insulators provide very high level of safety, superior flexibility and strength. Not suspetible to explosion. No breakages due to stone Throwing etc.
Manufacturing Process:
Porcelian insulators require long Manufacturing process leading to Long delivery Time. Manufacturing Process causes pollution & health risk.
Pollution Free, safe, Short Process time Lead to short delivery periods.

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