The composite insulator

The composite insulator usually made up by the composite materials and glass fiber rods. The composite insulator widely used in many parts of the transmission and distribution system.

composite insulator

Manufactured and tested as per Australian Standards, these insulators are branded PLP. Polymer insulators are supplied with various metal fitting orientations based on the customer requirements. The composite insulators up to 35kV are stocked with a clevis- tongue orientation and a hex-pin standard on all insulators with capability to cater to higher voltage ranges. To ensure the highest integrity product, polymer insulator raw materials are sourced from world class suppliers. The main ingredient of a polymer insulator is silicon. It has both organic and inorganic characteristics. Therefore, silicon shows extremely excellent features of thermal resistance, chemical stability, electricity insulation, anti-abrasion and high luster compared to normal organic rubber materials.

The composite insulator is a kind of insulator only in recent years. Usually, the composite insulator can take the place of porcelain insulator.


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