Torq-Box is Torque Limiting and Controlling Device for Hydraulic Drive Torque Motors (drive heads). The benefits and features of Torq-Box product are shown in the following, as well as the pictures.

Torq-Box   Torq-Box

Torq-Box benefits:
Limit torque to prevent anchor installing tool overload
Limit torque to anchor torque rating
Used in all soils including rocky soils
Since not incorporated as part of installing tool, not susceptible to damage
Operator Controlled -- Minimal installation interruption if overload until switched to higher setting.
Mechanical systems that are required to be assembled with the installing tool such as shear pin devices are susceptible to wear and damage and may substantially interrupt the installation and impact productivity.
Can also be used with the 15,000 ft-lb socket drive or other screw anchors

Torq-Box features:
Simple Installation, easy operation
Rugged Design, solid aluminum construction
Switch between pre-set torque setting “on the fly”
Factory set to your specific hydraulic torque motor (drive head)
4-position switch (3-customer specified settings)
Direct torque readout
No heavy tool to lug around – mounted to equipment
Factory set but can be reset to other sittings.

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