Toughened Glass for HVDC applications

At the end of the 1950's Orient was among the first manufacturers to develop insulators for HVDC overhead transmission line applications, especially for the toughened Glass for HVDC applications.

Toughened Glass for HVDC applications:
Thanks to this unique and substantial field experience and ongoing research programs with utilities and international experts, the Orient research team introduced a state of the art new DC insulator using high resistivity toughened glass (HRTG) in the mid 1980's.
This development has largely contributed to establish a high performance benchmark in the industry, including specific criteria later on introduced in IEC 61325 which still is the only international standard describing HVDC performance requirements.

Toughened Glass for HVDC applications

Today, Orient Toughened Glass for HVDC applications experience is:
6+ million toughened glass insulators installed all around the world on the most prestigious DC transmission lines up to 800 kV HVDC
50 years of experience in HVDC applications

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