Toughened glass design advantages

Toughened glass design advantages include Live-line maintenance and worker safety, Infallible and easy visual inspection and low maintenance costs: Reliability at a glance, and other outstanding advantages.

Toughened glass   Toughened glass

Toughened glass design advantages:
Live-line maintenance and worker safety:

Orient Toughened Glass insulators help reduce the number and duration of line outages required to replace defective line components.
While more and more utilities are faced with the technical and economical challenge of keeping their lines energized “whatever happens”, live-line work is often a necessity. Live-line maintenance requires specialized crews and equipment and rigorous procedures – at a higher cost than traditional dead-line maintenance operations. However the financial impact of live-line maintenance compared to shutting down a line is negligible. Orient helps keep live line costs in check in two ways:
Orient Toughened Glass insulator is a reliable product, it lasts longer and fails less often. This contributes to reducing the number of live-line maintenance operations necessary to keep the line in top condition.

Before working on a live line, maintenance crews have to assess the condition of insulator strings to avoid risks of flashover or mechanical failure while they are working on them. This is very difficult to do in a safe manner with porcelain, and almost impossible with non-ceramic insulators without highly sophisticated and specialized thermal imaging, corona inspection or e-field measurement equipment. Thanks to the unique properties of toughened glass, which cannot have hidden puncture nor become conductive due to tracking, maintenance crews can do live-line work in full confidence since there are no hidden risks due to internally damaged insulators. A simple glance at the string gives a complete and reliable assessment of the electrical condition of each insulator. Even with a missing shell, the remaining stub is non- conducting and maintains a guaranteed mechanical strength (80% of the rating) to safely support the line.

Infallible and easy visual inspection and low maintenance costs: Reliability at a glance:
As power supply reliability becomes of greater concern each year, utilities are carrying out more frequent diagnostics of their ageing lines and insulation in order to prevent unforeseen failures.

Inspection of porcelain and particularly composite insulators is recognized as being very diffi cult. For both of them, a visit to each support structure by a ground or helicopter crew is necessary in order to “buzz” or examine the insulators with specialized equipment.

On the other hand, with toughened glass if the shell is there the insulator is good. A damaged glass shell will instantly reveal its condition by shattering into small fragments. The remaining “stub” is perfectly sound mechanically, and a quick visual inspection will reveal its electrical condition without the need for any measurement or special instruments.

Condition assessment of Orient Toughened Glass insulator strings can therefore be accomplished by simple “at-a-glance” inspection from a distance – by ground patrol or from a helicopter, without the need to climb towers. Complete 100 % inspection of each insulator can be done by helicopter at a rate of up to 100 line-miles per hour, for any voltage level.

Therefore, the inspection and condition assessment of long and remote glass insulated HV lines can be done very quickly and at a fraction of the cost required for lines equipped with porcelain or composite insulators. To achieve such a complete and reliable inspection, porcelain insulators need to be individually tested, an operation which is prohibitively expensive and not practical for long lines.

Due to their long life and ease of inspection, Orient Toughened Glass insulators offer the lowest life cycle cost of all insulating solutions.

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