Toughened glass design features

Toughened glass design features include endurance and no ageing, live-line maintenance, High residual strength and no risk of line drop, Safety in handling and construction, Environmental Considerations, Puncture resistance, etc.

Toughened glass   Toughened glass

What is Toughened Glass?
The toughening process consists in inducing prestresses to the glass shell by a rapid and precisely controlled cooling of the still hot molded glass. The pre-stresses result in compressive forces on the outer surface layer balanced by tensile forces inside the body of the glass shell.
The presence of permanent outer surface compressive stresses prevents crack formation or propagation in the glass shell for an unlimited period of time (no ageing).
The combination of compressive and tensile stresses in the glass shell body gives toughened glass insulators the unique property of always breaking in a predictable pattern when overstressed mechanically or electrically.
Crumbling of the glass shell always results in small corn-size chunks with no razor–edged shards.

Toughened glass design features:
Toughened Glass offers features not available with porcelain or composite insulators, the most highly appreciated by users world-wide being:

Endurance and no ageing:
Toughened Glass has the unique ability to resist the effects of time and the elements with no degradation of mechanical or electrical performance for the following reasons:
Toughened glass shell is immune to the effects of micro-crack propagation with time and load / temperature cycling, which is typical of porcelain.
The hot cured alumina cement used in Orient Toughened Glass insulators is very strong, stable, and immune to any cement growth phenomena.
A highly automated manufacturing process, perfected along the years by Orient, guarantees an extremely homogenous and consistently high level of quality in the materials and the final product assembly. The stability over time of the quality of Orient Toughened Glass is demonstrated not only by in-service experience records but also by numerous laboratory test results which confirm that the fluctuation of normal electrical, mechanical and thermal stresses over many decades does not degrade the electrical or mechanical characteristics of Orient Toughened Glass insulators.

Live-line maintenance:
Toughened Glass insulators are, above any other technology, highly suitable for safe live-line maintenance operations.

High residual strength and no risk of line drop:
Orient Toughened Glass insulators can only exist in two well defined conditions: intact or shattered. There is no intermediate cracked or punctured state. Therefore it is easy to quickly and infallibly inspect strings of toughened glass, with no need for instruments other than the naked eye.
Shell intact: Guaranteed absence of internal cracks or electrical punctures. 100 % mechanical rating, 100 % electrical performance
Shell shattered: Residual mechanical strength 80% mechanical rating, guaranteed over prolonged periods of time even with in-service loads dynamic and temperature cycling.
Residual electrical resistance; Always sufficient to force electrical discharges on the outside from metal cap to metal pin, and prevent internal arcs.
No need of instruments for condition monitoring of glass insulator strings
Very low cost of inspection for the entire service life of the line.
No risk of separation or line drops.
No urgency in replacing a unit with broken shell.
Long-term savings in maintenance operations.

Safety in handling and construction:
Because of the impossibility of inducing hidden internal damage, it is not possible to install a faulty string of Orient Toughened Glass insulators.

Puncture resistance:
Thanks to the homogeneous and amorphous internal structure of the toughened glass shell, Orient insulators resist the most extreme surges such as switching surges, steep front lightning strikes and power arcs. There can be no hidden puncture in a Orient Toughened Glass insulator.

Environmental Considerations:
Complete recyclability - toughened glass insulators are made of fully recyclable components, so they do not represent a liability when retiring a line from service.
Visual impact - toughened glass insulators, thanks to their transparency, easily blend with in the sky or any background and consequently have minimal visual impact once installed on any line.

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