Transistor silicon insulator

Transistor silicon insulator that is resistant to substrate potential is demonstrated. In standard SOI processes, BOX acts as the dielectric for a parasitic back gate to the transistors.

silicon insulator

Transistor silicon insulator description:
The application of large potentials to the SOI substrate degrades the CMOS transistor performance by changing the threshold voltage (Vt) and increasing the transistor leakage current (Ioff).
The independently double-gated Flexfet SOI transistor includes a self-aligned, implanted JFET bottom gate (BG) as illustrated. The bottom gate of the Flexfet transistor not only provides dynamic adjustment of the threshold voltage, but is also an effective shield against the substrate potential. The Flexfet transistors are ideally suited for applications that require large potentials in the SOI substrates, such as CMOS SOI pixel detectors. These pixel detectors can be used for applications such as high-energy particle detectors or photo sensors.

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