Transmission Line Post

Transmission Line Post is standard products or custom products that are ideal for post applications from 69kV to 161kV, 230kV and above system voltages or for special applications (high leakage).

Transmission Line Post

Transmission Line Post properties:
Orient can supply silicone line post insulators using one of two efficient manufacturing processes to satisfy the various needs of the market place. Process 1 is an injection molded process that produces molded line posts, while process 2 uses the extruded assembly process that produces modular line posts. Both use the same proven Silicone Formulation, E-Glass Core, end fittings, and Sealing system.

Molded Transmission Line Post:
The Molded posts are standard products that are ideal for post applications from 69kV to 161kV system voltages. The silicone housing is injection molded, using high temperature and high pressure injection, onto the FRP rod. The end fittings are crimped onto the molded sub-assembly using the triple seal to prevent moisture ingress to the core.

Molded Line Posts Features:
Molded Silicone Housing
Volume Production / Stock
Standard Designs
Fixed Length & Leakage

Molded Post Series:
20XG Series – 1.75” Rod
30XH Series – 2.5” Rod
40XV Series – 3.5” Rod

Modular Transmission Line Post:
The Modular posts are custom products that are ideal for special applications (high leakage), for applications 230kV and above, and also as a back-up to the molded standard products. The “Modular” design line post insulator offers the unique ability to custom design for any application, with the flexibility to produce custom section lengths (in 1” increments) and leakage distances. The silicone rubber is extruded onto the FRP to produce a seamless concentric sheath. The sheds are assembled and vulcanized to the sheath as a secondary process. Variable shed count and spacing is used to provide custom leakage distances, or leakage in accordance to the IEC60815 Recommendation for Polluted Areas.

Modular Line Posts Features:
Extruded Seamless Sheath / Assembled Sheds
Manufactured to Order
Custom Designs
Variable Length & Leakage
69kV – 765kV [EHV]

Modular Post Series:
H1 Series – 2.0” Rod
H2 Series – 2.5” Rod
H3 Series – 3.0” Rod

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