Transmission suspension insulators

Transmission suspension insulators consist of silicone shed / silicone rubber sheath, stacked shed, housing, FRP class rod and crimped end fittings used for high voltage power lines.

Transmission suspension insulators

The characteristics of Transmission suspension insulators
◆ FRP class rod – using fiberglass resin for insulators with good corrosion resistant, high electrical integrity & high resistance to acid corrosion and providing high mechanical strength
◆ Silicone shed/ silicone rubber sheath – made from silicone rubber are very stable and have bond strength higher than sunlight, and providing protection against, the ultraviolet radiation, electrical aging and corona effect
◆ End fittings – made from metal materials, such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel etc. secondary seal – RTV silicone applied to core / sheath / end fittings interface
◆ Stacked shed / housing – protection the FRP rod, can install in highly contamination environments, offering inherent protection against material in critical areas of sheath.

High voltage Transmission suspension insulators should be installed with corona ring and manufactured by molded.

For insulator with corona ring, should change the fixed leakage distance and corona ring size, which is made in accordance with IEC or ANSI standards.

For Transmission suspension insulators 220kv above, Orient Power recommends of corona rings. For corona ring usage on special applications, environments, and elevations; you should choose suitable size.


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