Tyco polymeric insulators

Tyco polymeric insulators combine mechanical strength with excellent pollution performance. It consists of a pultruded fibreglass rod where a non-tracking polymer housing is directly moulded on.

polymeric insulators

polymeric insulators

Long-term service experience and laboratory testing have shown the outstanding performance of the insulating material particularly under severe environmental conditions. Polymeric insulators include disc suspension insulators, line post insulator, pin post insulators and so on.

The properties of Tyco polymeric insulators end fittings
Corrosion resistant end fittings are crimped to both ends of the polymeric insulator. A patented crimp control technology prevents damaging the fibre glass rod while achieving maximum mechanical strength. The remaining interfacial gap is sealed with a tracking and erosion resistant sealant to avoid moisture ingress to the fibre glass rod. Such as polymer suspension insulator use this technology to improve corrosion resistant.

The features of Tyco polymeric insulators as well as suspension insulator manufacturers in China
◆ Composite design: Lightweight—easy installation and reduced transport costs Vandal and break resistant.
◆ Polymer housing: high tracking and erosion resistance, excellent performance under polluted conditions, reduce maintenance costs.
◆ Crimped galvanized steel end fittings: high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance
◆ Field proven sealant: no moisture ingress-long term reliability

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