Types of overhead line insulators

Types of Overhead insulator is special insulation controller, it is very important in electric equipment and the overhead line insulators can protect electric equipment from damage efficiently, there are two basic functions of types of overhead line insulators, support wire and prevent electrical current back to the earth.

Types of overhead line insulators

The material types of overhead line insulators should have better insulating properties, so that can make good quality insulators, the common material types of overhead line insulators is porcelain/ceramic, tough glass, HDPE and silicone rubber. The insulator shouldn’t occur failure of various electrical and mechanical stress caused by change of environment and electrical load conditions, otherwise it will damage the life of entire line.

Types of overhead line insulators are various, different types insulator have different use values, we can divide it by different structures:

Disc suspension insulator
This types of Overhead line insulators can suit for various voltage, it also connect together one by one and form a long string to increase the creepage distance, there are two connect methods, socket & ball, clevis & tongue, disc suspension insulator always used on the end of iron tower

◆ Pin type insulator
Pin type insulator used in 6 – 35 kV, there are a groove on top of pin type insulator, wire can fixed on the groove, it also used with a spindle, fixed on the crossarm to support wire.

◆ Line post insulator
This is special types of overhead line insulators, it have advantages of post insulator and pin type insulator, also used with a spindle, but the voltage can reach to 132kV, line post insulator have four structure on the top to meet people’s various demand.


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