Types of suspension insulator

According to the different way, types of suspension insulator have suspension insulator and strain insulator, porcelain disc suspension insulator and composite suspension insulator.

porcelain disc suspension insulator               composite suspension insulator

Suspension insulator phenomenon:
A suspension insulator may fail due to excessive electrical stress, excessive thermal and mechanical stress or degradation due to environmental chemical action of surface of the suspension insulator. The electrical failure can happen between conductor and earth through air or through the volume of insulating material. In one case due to excessive electric stress the suspension insulator may fail when a flashover takes place through the air between the conductor and tower. In other case the insulator may be punctured through the volume. The insulating materials say porcelain has high dielectric strength in comparison to air. The porcelain suspension insulators are designed so that it will flashover before it gets punctured. Failure due to flashover is generally temporary and self-restoring. But failure due to insulation puncture is permanent and the suspension insulator is damaged and required to be replaced. A suspension insulator which has internal defects like voids and impurities reduces the electrical strength of the suspension insulator.

End fittings connection types for suspension insulator have clevis & tongue, ball & socket and Y-clevis and eye. Welcome to visit our factory, we will show you our suspension insulator image for you.

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