UV/IR Measurement of insulator

UV/IR Measurement of insulator means Insulator can be measure by UV/IR Measurement. Corona activities can be measured in daylight or hot spots can be detected. The images can be superimposed, simplifies the interpretation of the results.


Advances in the optical and electronic industries have produced the first generation of cameras which can simultaneously provide ultraviolet, infrared and normal images of electrical equipment, including insulator strings and apparatuses.
However, this interpretation requires experience too. For example, it is important that the various types of electrical discharges occurring on an insulator are differentiated. Dry band discharges have an UV radiation as well, but are mainly caused by pollution on the insulating surface. On the other hand, (dry) corona discharge is initiated at areas of high electric field stress caused by sharp or irregular points on metallic or insulating surfaces. Since the corona discharge is formed by the partial breakdown of air, it is important to record the prevailing weather conditions simultaneously with the measurement. It has been empirically proven that observations/measurements are required during periods of both high and low humidity before any conclusions on the corona performance of a particular insulator or an insulator set can be drawn.

Measurement of temperature enhancement provides a great deal of information also in stations and for current-carrying contacts.


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