Ultra high voltage transmission insulator

Ultra high voltage transmission insulator include porcelain disc insulator string, polymer suspension insulator, station post insulator and hollow bushing insulators.

Ultra high voltage transmission insulator        Ultra high voltage transmission insulator

High strength cap and pin insulators, with a failing load in the range of 100-530kN are required for UHV AC and DC system, made from porcelain or polymer materials.
The selection of the most suitable creepage design is analyzed taking into account the necessity to contain as far as possible the insulator string lengths both under Switching Impulse and under pollution, the peculiarities of UHV AC and DC systems and the peculiarities of the pollution in the environment.

Ultra high voltage transmission insulator include normal insulator and anti-fog insulators, special designed can be used in heavy contamination areas.

The Ultra high voltage transmission insulator has high electro-mechanical strength rating like the string configuration, number of insulators in a string, the conductor configuration, the configuration and design of fittings, the weight of the insulators etc.,

Station post insulators are solid core insulators and mechanical strength can be up to 20kn used in substations and power plants.

Ultra high voltage transmission insulator is divided into porcelain insulators and polymer insulators for overhead power lines or electrical devices.


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