Vibration damper,guard wire and jumpers

Vibration damper, guard wire and jumpers are important parts of power system. In the process of power transmission, Vibration damper, guard wire and jumpers all used on the wire.

Guard wire:
When a power line, telephone or telegraph line crossing, and then find the line that connects the top and bottom of the Earth Wire is used to guard.

Vibration damper:

Stock Bridge damper

Vibration damper dimple shape in the presence of these lines connect to the poll, that tremble down the line. The air flow through the conductor is conductor vibration, the vibration is. The pressure on the conductor in the conductor can be read off tear. The best way to protect against damage from vibration induced arms rod is used. Bates is one of the Stock Bridge damper. The shaking intensity is used to prevent damper betas.

Jumper connection is connected via the two conductors. Nevertheless, as part of the phase plate, Danger plate, Barbed wire, Cradle guard. Etc.

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