Water diffusion test

Water diffusion test is part of the insulator test, it is important for insulator. The test specimens shall be boiled in deionized water with 0.1% by weight NaC1 in a glass container for 100 hours.

insulaotr test

Water diffusion test requirements:
Six samples, 30 mm shall be cut from the insulator 90 degree to the axis of the core with a diamond-coated circular saw blade under cool running water. The cut surfaces shall be smoothed with a 180-grit abrasive cloth. The cut ends shall be clean and parallel. The removal of the housing is optional.
After boiling, the samples shall be removed from the salt water and placed into tap water for at least 15 minutes. The samples shall be then placed between two plane brass electrodes and a voltage increasing at a rate of 1 kV per second shall be applied. With the applied voltage reaching a value of 12 kV and remained for 1 minute, there should be no puncture or surface flashover. The current water diffusion test during the whole test shall not exceed 1 mA r.m.s.

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